LOL Short Film Fest World Premiere a HUGE Success!!

Non-Stop laughs were the theme of the evening during LOLSFF’s World Premiere Event on March 12th. A robust crowd delighted in the diversity and quality of this year’s short comedy lineup, which was presented as part of the LaughFest comedy festival. Following the presentation, the crowd eagerly voted for their favorite film via live text voting. To see the voting results, click HERE. LOLSFF opens in theatres on April 22nd. Check back regularly to see updated voting results as more theatres exhibit the film. If you’d like to see the film booked at a theatre in your town, please contact us HERE.

2014 lineup

LOL Short Film Fest picked as one of the COOLEST Film Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine!!

We asked our readers to nominate and vote for what they see as the coolest. Over four months, we received more than 15,000 votes!

Want your short film screened in commercial movie theatres throughout North America? You’ve come to the right place. An estimated 17,000 short films are produced annually, yet only a tiny fraction ever sees an audience that isn’t positioned in front of a computer screen. Sure, traditional short film festivals offer exhibition to an art-house crowd looking for alternatives. But what about the masses? Isn’t that what being a filmmaker is all about? What better environment for screening your film than in front of mainstream audiences at commercial movie theatres throughout North America?

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THIS is what the LAUGH OUT LOUD SHORT FILM FEST is all about.

“Our festival is truly unique,” states Joe Edick, Festival Director. “Most people will never attend a traditional film festival for a variety of reasons – including the time commitment and format. Our fest is packaged to accommodate the average moviegoer’s lifestyle. Plus, it’s a familiar location and routine. Patrons will buy their concessions and watch our comedy shorts up on the big screen, right where they watched the recent 200 million dollar studio blockbuster.”