2015 Event to screen in theatres October 12- November 15!!

The booking process has begun and this year’s LOLSFF will be in theatres the second week of October. Check back frequently to see if we’re coming to a theatre near you. Want to be proactive about getting LOLSFF at your local theatre? Shoot us an email at info@lolsff.com and tell us which theatre you attend and we’ll work to get it it there. Thanks!

2015 Lineup Announced!!

  • You're Not That Crazy

  • The Gunfighter

  • How Many (More) Docs Does it Take To Change a LightBulb

  • Dinner With The Woodburns

  • Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone

  • Help

  • MIlk

  • Brain Divided

  • Brutus Loves You

  • Drag Family

  • Four Eyes

  • Dear Dead Abby

  • It Happens

  • I Noticed You

The 2015 Short Films

It was quite a challenge this year to select the festival lineup after receiving so many terrific short comedies. Following an exhaustive process, our committee has unveiled the official selections for this year’s Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest. With a decidedly more American flavor, 11 films come from the USA. Rounding out the list of 14 films are selections from Australia, the U.K., and New Zealand. See the complete lineup and more about each film here.

And The 2014 Winners Are:

We are thrilled to officially announce the two winners of this year’s festival. In an extremely close vote, the winner of BEST SHORT FILM for 2014 is, Don’t Miss the Cup, from Lex Filmed Entertainment of London, England. The voting was so close, if we’d had 1 more judge, the outcome could have been different. Our festival’s second award for AUDIENCE CHOICE is, Let It Rain, from Australia’s Matt Hardie. Let It Rain, was a solid favorite with 23.7% of the overall audience vote (compared to the second place total of 18.4% of votes). Congratulations to both of our winners, and to all of the 11 filmmakers, cast and crew that helped make the 2014 Laugh Out Loud Short Film Festival a success.

What We’re All About:

Want your short film screened in commercial movie theatres throughout North America? You’ve come to the right place. An estimated 17,000 short films are produced annually, yet only a tiny fraction ever sees an audience that isn’t positioned in front of a computer screen. Sure, traditional short film festivals offer exhibition to an art-house crowd looking for alternatives. But what about the masses? Isn’t that what being a filmmaker is all about? What better environment for screening your film than in front of mainstream audiences at commercial movie theatres throughout North America?
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THIS is what the LAUGH OUT LOUD SHORT FILM FEST is all about.

“Our festival is truly unique,” states Joe Edick, Festival Director. “Most people will never attend a traditional film festival for a variety of reasons – including the time commitment and format. Our fest is packaged to accommodate the average moviegoer’s lifestyle. Plus, it’s a familiar location and routine. Patrons will buy their concessions and watch our comedy shorts up on the big screen, right where they watched the recent 200 million dollar studio blockbuster.”