The film festival experience comes to mainstream movie theatres.

Michigan – January 13, 2014:  Everyone knows it’s tough to make it in Hollywood.  While that is certainly true for actors, it’s equally difficult for filmmakers working behind the camera.  Film festivals are their best hope for getting noticed, but most of America will never see their work.  The Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest, screening at theatres throughout North America, aims to change that.

“Our film is a compilation of short comedies from some of the best undiscovered filmmaking talent in the world,” says Joe Edick, Founder of the Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest, now in its 3rd year.

It’s an unusual spin to the typical film festival product.  Most festivals are held in a single location and show film over the course of several days, requiring a huge time commitment and expense.

“We’ve strung together 11 short comedies from 5 different countries,” adds Edick.  “The time commitment is under 2 hours and it screens at traditional movie theatres, not makeshift venues that are often found on the traditional film festival circuit.”

Filmmakers submit their work to festivals around the world hoping to gain notoriety that leads into a feature film career. “Filmmakers dream of having their work seen at theatres across the country on the same screens as the big budget Hollywood blockbusters,” states Edick.  “We’re simply helping them get in front of traditional theatre audiences a little quicker.”

Two awards and $2,500 in cash prizes will be given to filmmakers in this year’s Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest.  An award for BEST SHORT COMEDY is being judged by five industry film-booking professionals from the motion picture industry.  Audiences attending the LOL Short Film Fest will also have a voice by determining the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD.

“At the end of the film, information appears on-screen telling moviegoers how to vote for their favorite short,” says Edick.  “Vote totals from each city will be added together to determine the winner.  It’s fun for the audience to actually take part in the event and affect the outcome of the award.”

The 2014 Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest opens April 18th at select theatres throughout the country and will complete its theatrical run by May, 29th.