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A Mile in These Hooves

Synopsis: Foster brothers, Tom and Mark set out on a mission to break the world record for the longest journey in a two-person costume. They will travel by foot from Toronto to Venice Beach, California in a two-person donkey costume. For three months, they will not leave the costume.
Length: 15:00
Country of Origin: USA
Directors: James Brylowski
Producer: James Brylowski
Cast: Ned Petrie, Jordan Gray, Tara Koehler

That’s Not Mine

Synopsis: A teen is interrogated by his parents about a bag of pot found in the house, only to realize that it belongs to his father.
Length: 3:50
Country of Origin: USA
Director: John Tuccillo Jr
Producers: John Tuccillo Jr
Cast: Ian Mather, Simone Griffeth, Michael Goodell

Game Day Ritual

Synopsis: When game day rituals get hardcore!
Length: 3:20
Country of Origin: USA
Directors: Mark Nickelsburg
Producers: Mark Nickelsburg
Cast: Raymond McAnally, Matt Unger, Amanda Schill, Katherine Barron, Richard Waddingham

Froggy Ass

Synopsis: Once upon a time, in San Fernando Valley, lived a shy and under-weight boy that everyone called “Froggy Ass”… He was not yet 21. But tonight, to go to this much-touted party, he would have to be brave and buy some beers.
Length: 7:47
Country of Origin: France
Director: Eliott de Gastines
Producer: Eliott de Gastines
Cast: Nicholas Aster, Amir Stephens, Alexandra Green

Future Hero

Synopsis: A father and son work out their issues while battling a time-traveling killer android.
Length: 6:30
Country of Origin: USA
Director: Ramin Serry
Producer: Ramin Serry
Cast: Ryan Woodle, Lucas Kavner, Kathy Searle


Synopsis: Dave is always coming over and it’s starting to annoy Emma. Today is different. Today Dave has an opportunistic business proposition for her.
Length: 2:00
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Directors: Will Herbert
Producers: Fabian Martinez
Cast: Sian Hill, Danny Ryder, Mike Hogan

A Reasonable Request

Synopsis: A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favor that will change their lives forever.
Length: 8:30
Country of Origin: USA
Directors: Andrew Laurich
Producer: Christina Lee, Andrew Laurich, Gabriel Miller
Cast: John Ennis, Stephen Ellis

One Minute Time Machine

Synopsis: It’s about him, it’s about her, it’s about time. James is all too eager to put his one-minute time machine to use in winning the heart of Regina, until he discovers the unexpected consequences of his actions.
Length: 5:40
Country of Origin: USA
Director: Devon Avery
Asst. Director: Devon Avery
Cast: Brian Dietzen, Erinn Hayes

Forget Me Not

Synopsis: Keeping a relationship is difficult. Especially when one of you doesn’t remember having it.
Length: 9:31
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Director: Michael Beddoes
Producers: Amer Iqbal, Briony Redman, Michael Beddoes
Cast: Richard Soames, Briony Redman, Katharine Bennett-Fox

The Hand Job

Synopsis: A human resources manager gets the surprise of his life when an applicant applies for an unusual job opening.
Length: 0:50
Country of Origin: USA
Directors: Hart Perez, Devon Perez
Producers: Hart Perez, Devon Perez
Cast: Ross Turner, Dominic Olivo

I’m You, Dickhead

Synopsis: In a world where time travel is a simple hospital procedure, a man jumps back in time to force his 10 year old self to learn guitar, so that he can get more action with the ladies in the present day.
Length: 11:51
Country of Origin: Australia
Director: Lucas Testro
Producers: Lucas Testro, Renée Crea
Cast: Anthony Gooley, Alan Flower, Olivia Pigeot, Anthony Taufa


Synopsis: An office worker enters a corporate cafeteria with an obscene lunch and an overwhelming desire to get fired. Mike Koldan plays a white collar slob who does what every corporate slave would love to do come Monday.
Length: 3:42
Country of Origin: USA
Director: Matthew Ehlers
Producers: Matthew Ehlers
Cast: Michael Koldan, T.J. Zale, Maria Sanguedolce

No One is Thirsty

Synopsis: Two boys running a lemonade stand ask the sun for some help to boost sales and get more than they bargained for.
Length: 1:04
Country of Origin: USA
Director: Matt Lenski
Producer: Supply & Demand
Cast: Nick Offerman, Shawn Parsons, Scott Beehner, Timothy Brennen, Eileen O’Connell, Jordan Black.

The Sharpest Fingers in Clayburn County

Synopsis: Two testosterone-driven men in a bar who unexpectedly enter the world of origami.
Length: 6:00
Country of Origin: Canada
Director: Glen Schroeder
Producers: Ryan Dkeete, Keli Manson, Glen Schroeder
Cast: Mike Dopud, Aaron Pearl, Danielle Stott-Roy